Rien Lipke was born in the year of 1954 in the beautiful and historical city of Elburg. Always thinking about the sea he learned the craft of fishing and carpenting. In the end of the 70’s he restore an old fishingship together with his father. This ship, the Botter EB65 (a type of ship shaped like a wooden shoe, called a Botter), is still to be seen in the old harbour of Elburg. With this ship Rien started to charter. First he only sailed the lakes and rivers of Holland, but later on he decided to try Denmark. He could be found there every summer with his crew.

In the 80’s it became really popular to sail on traditional sailingships. Because there was a bigger request, Rien decided to take his chance and buy a larger ship. The “Amicitia” was his first clipper. In de following years there were many colleagues around him who took the same chance.

Originally all Rien’s ships have sailed for the “Hanzestad Compagnie”. Recently this firm and a fue other firms have fused into the larger oranisation “Naupar”. After a friendly separation and the best wishes for the future from both sides, Rien decided to step out of this larger organisation and start his one sailing company. He can now offer you a more individual sailing trip advice.