The vessel “Alliantie” was built in 1917. The materials they used for her hull are mainly stealplates and iron nails. She was built as a sailing freighter that could cary different sort of freight. Coles, Wood and Iron ore, etcetera, where carried all over de the former Zuiderzee. Originally she was built without a motor and to move her was by sails. The ship needed only two men, the skipper and a mate, to be fully operative. The skipper normally lived, together with his wife and children in his tiny accomodation on the backside of his ship.

During the following years, the Alliantie was modernised. They built in a motor and the skipper’s accomodation was altered. Because of the strong motor she didn’t need masts anymore. The sailingship Alliantie became a motor vessel. In the following years they even enlarged the hull and planted a steeringhouse on the back of the ship.

When Rien Lipke bought the Alliantie in 1996, she was still in a very good condition, because the hull was built so properly. Rien decided to restore her in full grace and gave her a new sailing plan. They decided to remove the hull extension, wrote a sailingplan and gave her her masts back. The steelwork was done in Urk while the inside accomodation was changed in Elburg. Rien did an extensive part of this work and was able to take into account all of the Dutch safety- and quality precautions, while trying to make the ship als coosy, comfortable and safe as possible for his guests. The Alliantie is a ship which can be sailed actively and passively. Rien wanted the ship to be “easy to learn” and “nice to handle”.

Amount of beds 28
Amount of guest during day 40
2 Person Rooms
4 Persone Rooms
Showers 6
Toilets 6
Drinkwater 10.000L
Length over deck 36m
Length overall 38m
Breadth over deck 6,67m
Height main mast above water level 22m
Draught 1,70m
Sail area ca. 350m˛
Amount of sails 5
Crew 2
Motor DAF 270ps
Total Weight 150t